Sunday, March 21, 2010

To Tom Hanks Island

Progress has been slow the past 4 days. Very light winds left behind from cyclone Thomas has left us floating around at sea for hours and even puling ut the backup paddles on one occasion.

We have made our way to Mana Island and after arriving finally got some decent breeze and sailed around for 2 hours just for fun and to remember what it's like to plane.

So today we are trying to get to Monoriki Island (Tom Hanks Island) via another island to broker a deal with the chief which will no doubt involve passing a few fiji $.

We've had rain on the last 3 nights so hoping for a dry evening for a change.


  1. Hola Matt and Adrian, " WILSON" !!!!!

    I hope you guys find him.
    How are the hands going?

    Cheers Boys.

  2. Any more photos coming our way?

  3. Hi fellas,
    I hope you packed a deck of cards and a bottle of Coruba Rum [ to go with the coconut milk] for the down time when there's no wind.


  4. We are all glad you survived the cyclone and the pommie backpackers. Are you going to extend the trip?
    Hope you get fair winds.


  5. Good to see you guys are ok and getting around the islands. Hope you get some good winds

  6. Congrats on your efforts guys. Matt, I am certain Anthony tells tales of kayaking with unwanted winds, and you get light winds aahh!! Such is the nature of the work! Looking forward to the photographs ;)