Thursday, March 11, 2010

First Day Passage Plan

Our first objective is to make Malolo Island on Sunday before the tropical cyclone hits us on Monday. There is a small uninhabited island 1.5km north of Malolo that we will head for, which is a 40km sail from our start point beside Nadi Airport. If the cyclone is going to hit the islands hard, we shall shelter on the Lee side of Malolo itself. Should Matt and I be storming along in fine fettle, we shall just keep going north to the next group of islands that begin approx 6kms north of Malolo. We trained for this in Port Philip Bay six weeks ago, when we got hit by 30knot knot winds, gusting 35 within a 12km stretch of open water we were crossing. My arms then elongated to the length of Matt's!

However, it's far too early to breakout our four piece kayak paddles in the event of a rig failure due to mast breakage in the middle of a tropical cyclone while crossing open water, so if the storm hits us Sunday, we will have no alternative but to sip G & T’s in Nadi until it passes!

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