Monday, March 15, 2010

On a wing and a prayer

Successfully checking in all the gear (with no, or limited, hit to the wallet) is one very stressful leg of the journey for the adventure traveler.

One can pray for divine intervention, one can hope, one can take matters in to his own hands. If you've got some hot tips for our return trip please let us know. At $8 per kg it's expensive, but better than $50kg which was quoted!

(Pic: mat and Adrian at Melbourne airport ready for check in).


  1. pleased to see the reflector pads on packs are effective! Take good care guys, who would have dreamt of this 'fair test' for your craft, unbelievable! travel safely :) I want to hear of that fish being caught on Castaway Island!

  2. fingers crossed there were no more set-backs and you are cruising safely along the islands! How are the coconuts going?? People at the bar were still talking about coconut bocce as I was leaving! Looking forward to seeing what happened next. Hope you are both safe and well. Look after yourselves. xx