Sunday, February 12, 2012

2 - 3 day windsurf tours

ok, it's been a while but adrian's been busy riding bikes in france, preparing his boat to sail across the atlantic, chasing girls and having fun whilst I've been a little preoccupied with work, kids and surfing.

Michael from Drift Media has been working on a small doco of our trip in fiji which has inspired us to dust off the gear and start planning another expedition.

To get us back on track we're planning a short overnight trip in the local area on the weekend of March 3rd & 4th 2012.

If you're interested in joining us send us an email or post your details and we'll make contact with you.

To make it easier we plan on finding accomm (b&b, cabin in caravan park etc) but you'll need a longboard and reliable rig of some description and be self sufficient, i.e. sufficient emergency food and water for min 2 nights camping and be competent enough to sail in all directions in winds up to 25 knots for 5 - 6 hrs per day.

below are a few options we're considering.

westernport bay, inc french island, overnight phillip island, approx 130 + km

Port Welshpool - Sandy Point, overnight at tidal river, approx 110km

Lake Wellington - Lakes Entrance, overnight in Loch Sport, approx 80km