Monday, March 8, 2010

Fiji windsurf expedition 001

We're 5 days out from our departure for Fiji and have just received a long range forecast suggesting that a tropical cyclone is predicted to be hitting Fiji on our 2nd day of sailing!

You can follow the weather forecast here

We're told this system on its current forecast track will begin with freshening and then strong SE winds, (trades). As it moves down over Fiji the wind will most likely go through the NE and even NNW as it intensifies. TC are so unpredictable in their tracking that this is only based on the track current indicated. Should it decide to drop south and move down the eastern side of the group the winds would go through S to the SW.

So in summary we may be sipping cocktails by the pool on the mainland for a few days or doing speed runs between islands.

below is a rough trip plan, approx 500km for the round trip.

We are being assisted with local knowledge by Tamarillo Tropical Expeditions who operate an excellent sea kayak business from Kadavu island, visit their website and check them out.

Just purchasing the final bits and pieces for the trip which obviously had to include a roll of duct tape and a 5 piece fishing rod.

More tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Matt Just found out about the trip from Bill, Good luck to you and Adrian, on your epic Adventure and May The Winds Be With You.
    Hope to catch up when you return.