Saturday, March 13, 2010

100kg of Excess Baggage!

Last night at Melbourne Airport Matt and I stood quietly in the rather long queue full of package holiday tourists, carefully discussing which check-in attendant would look most favourably at our ridiculously large packages - two 4.5m boardbags and rig packs, stacked up adjacent to the check-in desks. Previous experiences with too much gear had shown it imperative to avoid the caucasian battleaxe, and go for the smiling gay guy, and with Matt's well kempt hair, tan and designer stubble, we thought him best qualified to make the first approach. If the 146 kg total wasn't alarm to our wallets enough, the heaviest board with bag weighed 44kg, 12kg over the maximum allowable, with no possibility of its weight reduction. Utilising all of our combined wit and charm, Air Pacific pulled some strings and took it for us via another terminal. After two swift pints to replace lost fluids, an uneventful flight followed to Nadi. Upon arival we comandeered a whole resort mini bus by kicking out the other tourists and paid for their taxi, as our kit took up the whole vehicle. Now we are weighing up our launch date options to avoid Cyclone Thomas, a level 4  Cyclone about to hit us on Sunday evening!!!!!!! See below............


  1. Hey Matt,
    You guys be careful, no need to take any unnecessary risks. Will you be able to post while you are on the adventure and can we track you via the net?
    Trey in Florida

  2. we'll try to post more to the blog on the way but it may be limited due to access. cyclone seems to be passing now so we should be right.